Lamb of God

Lamb of God Takes a Ride Through History From the Industrial Revolution With New, Self-Titled Album

On Lamb of God’s new, self-titled album, frontman Randy Blythe tackles a number of different issues, including environmental pollution, immigration, and politics in general.
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Lamb of God Unleashes First New Music in 5 Years

Mark Morton and Willie Adler let their dual guitar attack do the talking in the opening measures of the first new music from Lamb of God in five years. The axemen are all over the neck, biding their time, until the pounding rhythm section and growling vocals of Randy Blythe make the return complete...
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Slayer Announces Tour Dates

Not only is Slayer hitting the road this summer, but Slayer is hitting the road this summer with Lamb of God and Behemoth. Yes, you read that right. On the upcoming tour, Slayer‘s Kerry King said, “As metal tours go, this is the one that your fellow metal heads will be bragging about if you miss it...
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