Hazleton Mayor Jeff Cusat implements curfew

Mayor of Hazleton

For Immediate Release

April 3, 2020

Today I signed an emergency proclamation amending my original proclamation of March 30, 2020, furthering our efforts to address the public health emergency related to the potential spread of the Coronavirus [COVID 19]. I do so in an effort to protect the City of Hazleton and its citizens that I so deeply care for. Despite my previous proclamation and the declarations of Governor Tom Wolf, many citizens ofthe City have disregarded the directions we have provided. We need to act now and enforce the necessary social distancing measures needed to keep our community safe.

I invoke this power pursuant to the Third Class City Code, which in times of a state of emergency, gives me the authority to prohibit individuals from being on public streets, in public parks or at other public places during the hour declared to be a period of curfew and to prohibit any other activities reasonably believed to cause a clear and present danger to the preservation of life, health, property and public peace. I do not take these powers lightly.

The spread of this Pandemic and potential risks to the City of Hazleton are just too great not to take these actions.

  • Accordingly, effective at 8_ p.m. tomorrow, Saturday April 4, 2020, the City of Hazleton:Enacts a curfew between the hours of 8 p.m. and 6 a.m
  • Prohibiting individuals from being on public streets including driving on City owned streets or any other public place during that time
  • Prohibits any gatherings of more than four individuals (not immediate family members) in public places at any time during the day
  • Prohibits vehicles parked or stopped within City of Hazleton limits with four or more individuals (not immediate family members)
  • All non-essential businesses as defined by Governor Wolf must close immediately
  • All individuals must stay at least six feet away from others (non-family members) when outside of your home


We will be enforcing these provisions and issuing summary offenses when violated.

      I've also asked the surrounding municipalities to do the same, provided they are able to by law, so as to remain consistent.

      Please, we urge you to take these measures seriously and do your part to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.


      Mayor Jeff Cusat

      City of Hazleton