Harrisburg Republican COVID-19 Cover up?

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — A state lawmaker's decision to keep his COVID-19 diagnosis a secret is dividing the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Democrats say the Republican legislator needlessly put people's health at risk. The fight spilled onto the House floor on Thursday as Democrats denounced how it was handled by the lawmaker and the majority Republican leadership. Republicans defeated a Democratic effort to end the legislative session so there would be time to change policies on disclosing illnesses. And the state attorney general declined requests by fellow Democrats to criminally investigate how the diagnosis was handled. He urged lawmakers to “demonstrate common decency.”

The Republican at the center of this story is Representative Andrew Lewis and he doesn't agree with the assessment from House Democrats. Lewis, who represents PA's 105th Legislative District, called into The Jason Barsky Show on WILK News Radio to discuss and dispute allegations that his COVID-19 diagnosis was covered up by his colleagues.

Listen to the interview here