Disappointing, but not surprising. Wilkes-Barre 4th of July

Wilkes Barre Mayor George Brown issued a press release detailing changes to the planned calendar of events during the Summer of 2020.


While not surprising, the most notable cancellation was that of the city’s annual Old Fashioned Fourth of July Celebration at Kirby Park. There was hope that the event would be able to move forward, even in a limited capacity, but COVID-19 had other plans.  This cancellation means no rides, no food and craft vendors, no entertainment, and sadly no fireworks.


The Mayor also delivered some good news about two events which will go on despite the pandemic.  Those two events are the City’s Farmer’s Market, and the NEPR AACA Car Cruise, both on Public Square. 


Here are the details about the Farmer’s Marker and Car Cruise:


Farmers’ Market

The City’s Farmers Market on Public Square will open on Thursday, June 25th at 10 AM and continue through 4 PM each Thursday. The weekly event will be subject to CDC and the Pennsylvania Department of Health COVID-19 regulations and recommendations.


There will be no prepared food or non-food item vendors during the market, through at least July. This will be a produce market only. The Strawberry Festival, scheduled for June 18th, has been cancelled.


The city encourages downtown Wilkes-Barre restaurants to make themselves available to the patrons of the Farmers’ Market. The city is hopeful that the Farmers’ Market will enable downtown restaurants to reestablish their businesses and connection with community.



NEPR AACA Car Cruise on Public Square 

The NEPR AACA Car Cruise on Public Square will begin on Friday, July 31st. The event will have limitations pursuant to CDC and Pennsylvania Department of Health guidelines. There will be no food vendors or other vendors during the event.