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Metallica member Kirk Hammett performs

Kirk Hammett Reveals His Most Satisfying Metallica Guitar Solo

Metallica and guitar solos go hand-in-hand. From the melodic outro on “Fade to Black,” to the frenetic technical masterpiece on “One,” Kirk Hammett rarely disappoints. So which solo was Hammett himself most satisfied with after recording it? He told Kerrang his soaring turn in the middle of “The... Read More
The Glorious Sons

The Glorious Sons Appear to Be Teasing New Music

The band responsible for one of the catchiest rock songs of the year appears to have something else brewing. All signs point to The Glorious Sons releasing new music - maybe a debut single from a forthcoming album - or at least making an announcement this Wednesday. Members of the Canadian band’s... Read More
Phil Demmel

Vio-lence Stage Diver Gets Long Hair Caught in Guitar

Some may consider stage diving to be the ultimate form of heavy metal fandom, but the practice is not without risks. You could get tackled by an overzealous security guard, you could jump off and face plant onto the floor if someone neglects to catch you, or as was the case at a recent Vio-lence... Read More