Rick Wakeman Changes His Mind About Attending RRHOF Ceremony

January 9, 2017
Keyboardist Rick Wakeman has changed his mind about not attending Yes' long-awaited induction into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, taking place April 7 in Brooklyn, NY. Wakeman was upset that Yes was not inducted many years ago, when co-founding bassist Chris Squire was still alive. Squire died in the summer of 2015 and Yes has been eligible for the RRHOF since 1994.

On his official website, Wakeman writes, "I am very pleased to announce that as the Hall of Fame have now agreed to present Chris Squire's wife with a posthumous award acknowledging his massive contribution to YES, I have agreed to attend the induction ceremony in New York to both stand proudly with my fellow band mates Jon and Trevor and also watch Chris's wife Scottie collect this well deserved award on his behalf."

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