EXCLUSIVE: Red Hot Chili Peppers On Radio, Toenails and Tennis Shoes (Videos)

June 12, 2016
In anticipation of their new CD, The Getaway (available everywhere Friday, June 17), Red Hot Chili Peppers sat down with us for an exclusive interview and waxed nostalgic about the first bands they were in and when they first heard themselves on radio. They also discussed working in the studio with producer Brian Burton aka Danger Mouse.

"Brian brought in this fresh approach for us. Brian works in a different way... he uses the studio as the tool to create music and write songs," explained drummer Chad Smith. "That was really different for us. At first we were kind of like, 'I don't know;' there was some initial trepidation, but once we got into it with him and got great results quickly, we fully embraced it. And we wrote half the songs on the record that way."

It's been five years since RHCP released I'm With You and after sitting with the band we learned that "Dark Necessities", the lead single from The Getaway are both a state of mind and physical vices.

In these videos, find out about Chad Smith's early band "Toby Redd," Flea's band "Anthem" — and the similarities between playoff scores, as well as the soundtracks for both Frozen and Hamilton. Chad also details what (intangible) bonus content is featured when you buy The Getaway LP and cassette single bundle. For more exclusives with Red Hot Chili Peppers, listen on-air all week!