5 Questions with Stephen Pearcy of RATT

January 10, 2017
After a debut EP introduced Ratt to the world in 1983, vocalist Stephen Pearcy and the rest of the band took over rock radio and MTV with 1984's Out Of The Cellar including hit songs/videos "Round And Round", "Back For More" and "Wanted Man". Platinum success continued with the follow-up Invasion Of Your Privacy and my personal favorite Ratt LP, 1986's Dancing Undercover. I finally caught the band live in April 1987 at Denver's McNichols Arena with opening act Poison - aka the "Ratt Poison" tour.

Pearcy left Ratt for a period in the '90s, but did voice the 2010 Infestation album. He also continues to release solo albums, including the excellent new Smash CD. Die-hard fans are no doubt aware of drummer Bobby Blotzer taking his own version of Ratt on the road in recent years, with Blotzer as the only original member in his lineup. Now Pearcy has reunited with fellow original Ratt members Warren DeMartini (lead guitar) and Juan Croucier (bass) as well as rhythm guitarist Carlos Cavazo.

Many thanks to Stephen for answering my "5 Questions" as he promotes the Smash album (tour dates HERE) and also talks about what the immediate future holds for Ratt.

1) Listening to the songs "I Can't Take It" and "Want Too Much" from your new solo CD Smash, I'm struck by how strong your voice sounds. In today's world of TV shows like The Voice, do you think it's more important to have an instantly recognizable voice like yours as opposed to a technically perfect one?

Well, what turned out for me to be recognizable took years and I kinda fell into the singer thing. I was a guitar player first starting in 1977. Never claimed to be a real singer guy. I just sang and my voice over the years is what you got.

2) After your triumphant appearance on the Monsters of Rock Cruise late last year, Ratt are now confirmed for the M3 Festival and Rocklahoma. With so many solo shows on your tour schedule, when can fans expect to see additional Ratt shows confirmed?

We're adding more Ratt shows now as we speak. But we'd like to take it slow, do the festival shows, then maybe a short package or good spot opening for a bigger national act.

3) Have Ratt begun writing music for a follow-up to 2010's Infestation or is it more important to get back on the road ASAP and give fans a proper Ratt lineup on stage?

Warren and I are starting to and demoing material already. Coming right out of the Smash record is a better time than never. So the Ratt lineup is the (3) originals with Carlos on guitar again and we will get to the drummer replacement sooner than later. Warren, myself, Juan and Carlos are as good as it gets to the original Ratt lineup until we again say it's a break. LOL

4) I recently re-read your 2013 autobiography, "Sex, Drugs, Ratt & Roll", and realized your daughter Jewel will soon turn 21. Has she read your book and how does she feel about your wild '80s days?

Good question. She's thumbed through it, but she knows me well enough to not want to. I'm a very different dad these days. She's an adult now and is in the business as a photographer shooting newer bands live.

5) Legendary radio DJ and host of "Rockline" Bob Coburn recently passed away after a long battle with lung cancer. What are your memories of "BC" and appearing on Rockline through the years?

Bob, a pioneer without a doubt. Ratt did his show a few years back (one of many) and it was the best live studio performance in our career on live radio. We didn't and don't put the band in that environment really. We would go and do anything for Bob since he welcomed us back in 1984. If he supported your band, you would be heard in Los Angeles, period. God bless BC.

(Photo by Frontier Records)