Jonathan Davis of Korn on Competing With Tool and Slipknot

The singer opens up about releasing around rock heavyweights

September 20, 2019

Stop, Rock is thriving. In the past month we’ve gotten stellar new albums from Korn, Slipknot, and even Tool. The latter of which only drops an LP every generation or so. All three are in various stages of sold out tours, they continue to rack up some of the biggest numbers of the year, all while pushing boldly into new territory. It’s a renaissance for all those that shredded their way into the new millennium.

In a new interview, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis acknowledges what it means for these three rock heavyweights to all be releasing new music at the same time. "It's good to be in good company," he tells Australian site Maniacs. "You know Slipknot's doing really good, I've been watching those guys since they were just little f***ing kids beating the f*** out of each other on stage.

“And then f***, everyone's been waiting for a Tool record for how long? They're an amazing band. It just feels really good to see, you know? It feels like a camaraderie of bands. One band being successful helps all of us because we're becoming a dying breed.”

After noting the change in the music industry and a shift away from promoting rock, Davis explains that it feels good to still be leading the charge for fans. “It's awesome to see that bands like us are still out there doing this and we're flying the flag for Rock n’ Roll. There's still people who want to come see that and enjoy that.”

Earlier this month, Korn released their latest album, The Nothing, and Davis explained to RADIO.COM how the name came from the vibe of the LP. “I felt I was being chased or followed by this entity, this thing that always makes things go wrong in my life, and I wanted to call it something,” he said. “That seemed fitting cause it’s nothing.”

The Nothing is now available everywhere.